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​Find important information on many different service-related topics, including savings, enlistment, household, reintegration and more.
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Building Wealth

A Financial Plan is Essential to Your Future
The following are some helpful resources to get you started on that future:

  • AmeriForce Media – A publisher of free military guides and magazines that focus on a range of military topics, including deployment, finance, family and more.

Joining the Military

Thinking About Joining the Armed Forces?
There are many pros and cons to consider. Rod Powers, a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service, has written a helpful online series, titled "What the Recruiter Never Told You", to ensure every candidate makes an informed and committed decision.


Dealing with Trauma
The effects of traumatic experience can stay with us for a long time. Issues related to the occurrence can surface months, or years, later. You may find yourself suddenly quick to anger or avoiding people and places that remind you of that traumatic event. You may always be on your guard or easy to startle.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of helpful resources available, including:


Collecting Your Retirement Pension
What's the earliest age a military retiree can collect a regular retirement pension? The answer: 37 years old. But the most important question is: Are you financially ready to retire? There are so many things to consider, including health care, benefits, civilian employment and more. has a wealth of informative resources to help you on your retirement journey.

Additional Resources:


At a Glance:

Military Member Benefits

Dedicated Military Line


Call our dedicated military line and reach a live person.

Expedited Direct Deposit

Receive your military LES direct deposit 1-3 days before its set posting date.

Mobile Banking

Manage accounts, pay bills, and deposit checks from your mobile device.

Free ATMs

Access nearly 30,000 free ATMs across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico City.

Shared Branching

Conduct business at more than 5,000 nationwide credit union locations.