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Free Paperless Statements

Switching to paperless statements makes things easier by stopping the hassle of trying to organize tons of papers. Security Service Federal Credit Union lets you view statements, transactions, and just about anything related to your accounts online.​

Make managing your Security Service accounts easier and more secure. Sign up online to receive free electronic statements.

Benefits of Paperless Statements

  • Security: Reduce your risk of ID theft from lost or stolen mail
  • Organization: Reduce paper clutter – statements are stored online, so you don't need printed copies
  • Convenience: View your statement from anywhere you have Internet access

How It Works

  • We'll stop sending you paper statements
  • We'll start sending you an email when your paperless statement is ready
  • You'll simply log in to your secure online banking account to view your statement

How to Sign Up for Paperless Statements

If you do not have an Online Banking account, or are enrolled in myBranch:
  1. Sign in/up for Online Banking.
  2. Click on the Accounts tab.
  3. Click on Statements and select Statement Preferences.
  4. Change your email address, if needed.
    This is the email address that will receive your statement notifications.
  5. Select Paperless, read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Save.

For FAQs regarding Paperless Statements, visit myBranch FAQs.

Paperless Statement Disclosures

*Not available for credit card or mortgage statements.