Lost, Stolen, & Disputes Forms | Security Service

Lost, Stolen, and Disputes Forms

​ID theft, fraud, scams, and incorrect transactions affect millions of people in the U.S. alone. Security Service can help you begin the recovery process.


Stop Payment Request Description Fax To...
Stop Payment Request Request stop payment for ACH business and personal accounts. 210.476.4651
Declaration of Loss Mailed Official Checks Request stop payment for Official Check lost in mail from Security Service. 210.444.3000
Declaration of Loss Official Checks Stop payment for official checks originally in possession of member. 210.444.3000
Release Stop Payment ACH Request Remove stop payment and restore ACH transaction. 210.476.4414
Release Stop Payment Request Remove stop payment on specific check. 210.476.4414
Stop Payment Order Place a stop payment on a specific check or a range of checks. 210.444.3000


General Forms Description Fax To...
Account Action Form Manage code word associated with your accounts.
Acknowledge to maintain existing accounts or open new accounts due to theft or loss.
ID Theft Find out what to do if you are a victim of identity theft. 210.444.3000


Unauthorized/Fraudulent Transactions Description Fax To...
Affidavit Unauthorized/Fraudulent Pinned Transaction Complete this form to dispute unauthorized pinned ATM/Debit Card transactions. 210.476.4414
Cardholder Statement of Disputed Items Complete this form to dispute credit card transactions that are unauthorized or fraudulent. 210.476.4651
Chargeback Request Form Report unauthorized or fraudulent transactions on your debit card where you were not required to enter a PIN. 210.476.4414
Credit Bureau Letter of Dispute Dispute items reported to Credit Bureau with supporting documents. 210.476.4634
Negotiable Instrument Fraud Affidavit Dispute unauthorized check transaction. 210.476.4651
Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit Dispute unauthorized ACH item. 210.476.4414