Member Extras | Security Service

Security Service Member Extras

The extra benefits of membership with Security Service Federal Credit Union are low- to no-cost products and services at your fingertips. Notary service, wire and automatic transfers, coin counters, and safety deposit boxes are just a few of the perks our members enjoy.​


When you join Security Service, you will have access to the products and services that have helped make us one of the largest credit unions in the country.

  • Branch Exclusives – Stop into a service center for notary services, safe deposit boxes, coin counters, and more.
  • Ways To Send Money – Whether you need to send money by mail or wire transfer, we can help.
  • Convenience – We know you're busy, so we offer automated services such as scheduled transfers, an automated telephone number, and more to help you manage your accounts more efficiently.
  • Cash Alternatives – You can order traveler's checks, money orders, savings bonds, and more at any branch.