Credit Cards - Balance Transfer

​Paying too much in credit card fees or interest rates? Transfer your balance to a Security Service credit card and receive a low, fixed rate with no balance transfer fee.​​​​​


Consolidate debt and save on interest with a balance transfer to your Security Service credit card.


  • Low, fixed rate for the life of the transferred balance1
  • No balance transfer fees

Get Started on Balance Transfer​

Don’t have a Security Service credit card?
To transfer a balance to a new Security Service credit card:
  1. Apply for a Security Service credit card.
  2. Once approved, request a balance transfer to your new Security Service card by:

Security Service credit card Holders - Request a balance transfer by:

1 Refer to the following Security Service MasterCard® Rate & Terms Agreements for current balance transfer rates and complete details: Security Service Low Interest MasterCard® Rate & Terms Agreement; ​Security Service Rewards MasterCard® Rate & Terms Agreement; Security Service Travel Rewards World MasterCard® Rate & Terms Agreement