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Loans & Credit Card Forms

​Whether you need to request a loan extension or dispute a credit card transaction, the following forms have everything you need to manage your lending and credit accounts. ​

Loan Forms

Description Fax To...
Auto Debit Cancellation Cancel automated transfers between internal Security Service accounts only. 210.476.4665
Auto Debit Request Set up or modify an auto debit transfer between internal Security Service accounts. 210.444.3000
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Loan Payment Authorization: Security Service Loan Set up and cancel ACH payments from external accounts on your Security Service loan. 210.476.4651
Loan Extension Agreement Request ​a loan extension. 210.476.4647
Payment Due Date Agreement Request to change loan payment due date. 210.476.4272


Credit Card Forms

Description Fax To...
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Authorization: Security Service Credit Card Set up ACH payments on your Security Service credit card. 210.476.4651
Cardholder Statement of Disputed Items Use this form to dispute credit card transactions that are unauthorized or fraudulent. 210.476.4414
Credit Card Authorization User Request Form Add an authorized user to your credit card. 210.476.4651