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Security Service Power Protected Checking gives you Identity Theft protection, Dark Web Monitoring and Mobile Phone Coverage.
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Security Service Power Protected Checking
Identify Theft Protection


Protect Your Identity. Protect Your Future.  

With Power Protected Checking, you receive continuous identity theft detection and credit monitoring services, protecting not only your Security Service accounts, but also your important personal information. If your identity is stolen, your account includes fully managed recovery services, a Privacy Advocate working on your behalf to restore your credit, and ID theft reimbursement up to $25,000. Open a Power Protected Checking account today and make an investment in protecting yourself and your future.1,2

How Can Identity Theft Affect Me?

From piles of debt and a ruined credit score, to being turned down for a car or home loan, identity theft can lead to countless problems. Identity theft could also leave you with a criminal record! Power Protect Checking monitors and detects fraudulent activity concerning your personal information to keep you protected from ID theft criminals.


Think You're Not at Risk? Think Again

Your personal information is vulnerable—not just your bank accounts and credit cards. Anytime you provide your personal information, such as your driver license, Social Security number, or write a check, you are at risk. Your personal information could be stolen from your doctor's office, mailbox, favorite retail store, online, or just about anywhere. Power Protected Checking includes ID theft protection that protects not just your financial accounts, but you and your personal information.


Your Identity Was Stolen…Now What?

We don't have to tell you the mess criminals can cause when they steal someone's personal information. With Power Protected Checking, you don't have to clean up that mess on your own!

A certified, U.S.-based Privacy Advocate works with you one-on-one to:

  • Analyze your specific ID theft situation
  • Develop a personalized recovery plan 
  • Return your identity to pre-theft status

No two identity theft situations are the same. Privacy Advocates take a custom approach to each identity recovery case, working with you from the initial case assignment all the way through complete identity recovery.

ID Theft Expense Reimbursement

Power Protected Checking comes with ID Theft Expense Reimbursement, providing you up to $25,000 for out-of-pocket costs incurred from identity theft! 



Not a Security Service Member?

There are thousands of ways to qualify for membership.

Find out if you qualify in the first step of the application or stop by one of Security Service's branches  in Colorado, Texas, and Utah.

Must meet membership requirements and must open and maintain a Security Service Savings account (either a Security Service Basic Savings Account or a Youth Savings Account) with a $5 balance.



  1. For additional details, refer to   All About Your Security Service Accounts,   Truth in Savings, and   Security Service Fee Schedule for Consumer Deposit Accounts.
  2. Policy limitations and disclosures provided to you upon enrollment
    • MONITORING SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER ON AN ENTITLED BASIS AND REQUIRE CONSUMER ONLINE REGISTRATION AND ACTIVATION. For details, see Summary of Benefits – Evidence of Coverage at Some services may be limited or unavailable to non-U.S. citizens and persons residing outside the U.S. One bureau credit monitoring, daily credit report and daily credit score are provided by TransUnion®. Fully Managed Recovery Services and Monitoring Services are provided by InfoArmor, Inc. ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance is underwritten by Lyndon Southern Insurance, a member of the Fortegra family of companies. Reimbursement coverage is not available to residents of the state of New York and may not be available in other jurisdictions in the future.
By accessing this third-party link you will be leaving Security Service Federal Credit Union’s website and entering a third-party website. For additional information about how the Security Service Power Protected ID Management Portal manages member information, please refer to the Privacy Policy link located at the bottom of Security Service Power Protected ID Management Portal website.