Overdraft and
NSF Program1

What is an overdraft and an NSF?

An Overdraft occurs when your account doesn’t have the available balance to cover a check, ACH payment (such as a phone bill), or a recurring debit card transaction (like a gym membership) but Security Service pays the transaction instead of returning or declining it.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) occurs when your account doesn’t have the available balance to cover a transaction and the transaction is returned.

The Available Balance is the balance used to pay items or transactions and does not include deposits or debit card transactions that are on hold at that point in time. If the available balance is not sufficient to cover the items or transactions presented, an overdraft or NSF will occur.

Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds Fees

  • The fee for an overdraft or non-sufficient funds is $32.50 per item or transaction.
  • Overdraft fees are only charged on items or transactions over $5.00.
  • You are limited to three overdraft and one NSF fees per day, per account.

Member Overdraft Privilege

Member Overdraft Privilege is a discretionary service provided on checking accounts to cover items or transactions when your account’s available balance doesn’t have enough to cover the transaction.

  • Your Member Overdraft Privilege limit will vary based on a number of factors, such as your account history and the status of any other accounts.
  • Overdraft coverage is available for checks, bill payments, ACH transactions and recurring debit card transactions.
  • On consumer accounts, overdraft coverage for ATM and one time or everyday debit card transactions requires authorization.  On business accounts, no action is required for coverage of these transactions.
  • Alternative overdraft options are available to avoid returned items or transaction, such as linking your checking to a savings account or line of credit.
  • Member Overdraft Privilege is automatically provided. If you’d like to opt-out of this coverage, call 1.800.527.7328.

Overdraft Coverage on ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions2

On consumer accounts, if you would like overdraft coverage to include ATM and one-time/everyday debit card transactions (such as paying for gas or making an online purchase) you must provide prior authorization or opt-in.

  • To opt-in online, log into Security Service Online Banking, select the Accounts tab, then click Overdraft Coverage
  • To opt-in by phone, call 1.888.617.7328.
  • If you do not opt-in and have insufficient funds, transactions will be rejected.

Additional Overdraft Coverage Options

You can link your checking account to a savings, money market, or a line of credit to cover items that exceed your available balance.

Primeline Line of Credit

  • This loan allows you to borrow up to a predetermined credit limit and repay based on what is borrowed. As repayment is made, the credit limit becomes available again, letting you borrow as needed.  
  • Funds are transferred to your checking account in increments of $100 up to the credit limit. 
  • To learn more and apply, visit our Line of Credit page.

Linked Deposit Accounts

  • Your primary savings account is automatically linked to your checking account.
  • Additional savings or money market accounts can be linked for coverage. To add additional accounts, call 1.800.527.7328.
  • Funds are transferred from the linked account to your checking account in increments of $100 up to the available balance.
  • Savings Account – No fees for the first three overdraft transfers per month. Additional transfers will each incur a $2 fee.
  • Money Market Account – Depending on the money market product, automatic fund transfers may be subject to an excess transaction fee.

  1. For additional details refer to the Overdraft Protection Programs disclosure.
  2. For more information, review the Overdraft Reg E Opt-In - Debit Card/ATM disclosure.