Account Options

From automatic transfers to overdraft coverage, we offer convenient automated services to make your banking experience easy and secure.


ACH provides you the ability to have your mortgage, loan, or credit card payment automatically drawn each month from a non-Security Service account.

Automatic Transfer Service

Our Automatic Transfer Service, or Auto Debit, gives you the ability to transfer funds between your Security Service accounts automatically — just choose the day and amount you wish to transfer.

Bill Pay

Manage payee information, schedule recurring payments, and pay bills all with the click of a button.

Direct Deposit

Save a trip to the credit union by having your check deposited directly to your Security Service account.

Fees: Free for Security Service members

Order Checks

If you are ordering checks for the first time, please call 1.800.527.7328 for assistance.

To re-order checks:

After you’ve placed your order, your account will be debited for the cost of your checks.