Loans & Credit Card Forms

​Whether you need to request a loan extension or dispute a credit card transaction, the following forms have everything you need to manage your lending and credit accounts. ​


Loan Forms Description Fax To:
 Auto Debit Cancellation Cancel automated transfers between internal Security Service accounts only. 210-476-4665
 Auto Debit Request Set up or modify an auto debit transfer between internal Security Service accounts. 210-444-3000
 Automated Clearing House (ACH) Loan Payment Authorization: Security Service Loan Set up and cancel ACH payments from external accounts on your Security Service loan. 210-476-4414
 Loan Extension Agreement Request a loan extension. 210-476-4647
 Payment Due Date Agreement Request to change loan payment due date. 210-476-4272
 Mortgage ACH Loan Authorization Pay your mortgage loan via ACH. (not applicable)
Credit Card Forms Description Fax To:
 Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Authorization: Security Service Credit Card Set up ACH payments on your Security Service credit card. 210-476-4651
 Cardholder Statement of Disputed Items Use this form to dispute credit card transactions that are unauthorized or fraudulent. 210-476-4651
 Credit Card Authorization User Request Form Add an authorized user to your credit card. 210-476-4651