General Account

Speed up the transaction process and fill out your documents before you visit a Security Service location.


General Forms Description Fax To:
 Account Action Form Manage code word associated with your accounts. 210-444-3000
 Account Reconstruction Form Make changes to your checking account type without having to get a new account number (Example: Upgrade from a Power Checking Account to Power Protected Checking Account.) 210-476-4665
 Deposit / Withdrawal Slip Print your transaction slip for withdrawals and deposits ahead of time. Please print and bring to a branch near you.
 Direct Deposit Request Request to set up direct deposit with your payroll office. Please print and provide to your payroll office.
 Joint Owner Removal Joint account owners can remove themselves from an account. Requirements:
- Copy of valid driver's license/state ID
- Joint account owner signature
 Name Change Request Change the account holder display name. Updated ID is required.  
 Online Banking Additional Access Request Grant online banking access to additional users. 210-444-3000
 Survivor Assistance Guide A guide to help you through the account settlement process. 210-476-4665
Stop Payment Forms Description Fax To:
 Automated Clearing House (ACH) Stop Payment Request Request a stop payment on ACH transactions for your personal or business accounts. 210-476-4651
 Declaration of Loss Mailed Official Checks Stop payment for Official check lost in mail from Security Service. 210-444-3000
 Declaration of Loss Official Checks Stop payment for Official check originally in possession of member. 210-444-3000
 Release Stop Payment ACH Request Remove stop payment and restore ACH transaction. 210-476-4414
 Release Stop Payment Request Remove stop payment on specific check. 210-476-4414
 Stop Payment Order Place a stop payment on a specific check or a range of checks. 210-444-3000
Certificate Forms Description Fax To:
 Authorization for ACH Credit Direct deposit for certificate interest to another financial institution. 210-476-4414