Real-Time Fraud Alerts

March 14, 2015   San Antonio, TX

Security Service is now offering Real-Time Fraud Alerts as a free service to help prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring on members' credit and debit card(s). Whenever suspicious transactions are detected (i.e. activity outside the normal shopping pattern, spending range, etc.), users will receive text message alerts on their mobile devices that allow them to instantly verify/deny transactions on their accounts.


How It Works:

  • A text message will be sent to a member's mobile phone when there is a suspicious transaction identified on an enrolled credit or debit card.
  • The member simply replies to confirm or deny the transaction. If the member verifies the transaction, the card will remain available for use. If the member does not recognize the transaction, he or she will be advised on next steps.
  • If we do not hear from the member, we'll attempt to verify the transaction by phone and then by email.



  • Credit Cards – To register a Credit Card, log in to myBranch, click on Accounts, select Alerts, click Manage Alerts, under Real Time Fraud Alerts, click the on Register Your Credit Cards link. 


    What you'll need:
    • Mobile Number
    • Credit Card Number
    • Last 4 digits of the primary card holder's Social Security Number
  • Debit Cards - All Security Service debit card accounts are automatically enrolled in Real-Time Fraud Alerts and are being actively monitored. If fraudulent charges are suspected, that member will receive an introductory text message from Security Service that offers the opportunity to opt-in to future alerts.


Help Us Protect You

  • Keep contact information current - To verify that your contact information is correct, log in to myBranch , click on Profile & Settings, verify your mailing address, mobile number, email, and home phone number.
  • Never share personal account information - Security Service will never request sensitive account information via text message or email. Don't provide your SSN, account number(s), card PIN, mailing address, etc.


What happens if I do not respond to the text alert?

If we do not hear from you, we'll attempt to verify the transaction by phone and then by email.


What if I get a new mobile number?

If your mobile number changes, you'll need to re-enroll into Credit Card alerts using your new mobile number. Please also update your contact information with us. Log in to myBranch, click on Profile & Settings, and edit your mobile number. 


How much does it cost to use Real-Time Fraud Alerts?

Security Service does not charge for this service. However, standard text messages and data rates accessed by your mobile carrier may apply. Please check with your mobile carrier to ensure that you have "text messaging" on your monthly mobile phone plan.


What mobile carriers currently participate in Real-Time Fraud Alerts?

The following mobile carriers participate: T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, Interop - Appalachian Wireless, US Cellular Corp. Cincinnati Bell, Boost Mobile, Cricket Communications, Nextel Communications, Virgin Mobile USA, ALLTEL Communications Inc.