Phishing Email Scam

August 11, 2017   San Antonio, TX

Be vigilant! We are seeing a spike in fraudulent emails, such as the one below, targeting our members and non-members living in the areas we serve. 



Cybercriminals often use a common type of online fraud technique known as phishing, sending emails that look like legitimate communications from Security Service or another financial institution. As part of a phishing scheme, members are typically asked to click on a link, then asked to enter private information or download software. Never share personal account information via email! Look for inconsistencies in language, sender email address and other details that stand out as somewhat irregular. If something about the message strikes you as strange, flag it as junk mail and delete it.

Security Service will never:

  • Ask you for sensitive account information via text message or email.
  • Ask you to download software in an email.
  • Ask you to update your personal information online or by dialing a telephone number.

If you receive an email from Security Service that you find suspicious, please forward it to

It is important to monitor your accounts daily and report unusual or suspicious activity immediately via secure message in myBranch Online Banking or by phone at 1.888.415.7878.

Click on the images below to view examples of phishing emails: