Newly Enhanced Features in myBranch Online Banking

December 14, 2015   San Antonio, TX

What's New?

New features are now available in myBranch Online Banking to streamline the transfer and payment experience. Among the many enhancements are expanded transfer options, new payment capabilities, and increased security and identify verification features.


Make a Transfer or Payment

Members can now make a payment to a Security Service loan or credit card, transfer funds to other Security Service members, and transfer to/from accounts at other institutions.

image: Transfers & Payments

Manage Transfer & Payment Accounts

Members can link to other Security Service member accounts and external accounts for quick and easy access when making transfers or payments.


Increased Identity Verification

Along with these new features, new security features are in place to ensure your accounts and funds are secure. If fraud is suspected, a new verification system will send a required identification code to the member through email or text message.

image: Additional Authentication

Important: To ensure full functionality with this new authentication system, members should ensure their mobile number and/or email information is up-to-date within the myBranch Profile & Settings section.