Donation Provides Needed Supplies for Mothers and Children

July 01, 2021   San Antonio, TX

Cutline: Magdalena House staff help distribute much needed supplies to mothers and children currently residing at the shelter.


Providing essential supplies for mothers and children

(SAN ANTONIO, TX – JULY 1, 2021) –– The Security Service Charitable Foundation is helping Magdalena House through a donation of $5,000 to provide essential services to residents. The donation will help supply food, clothing, shoes, diapers, hygiene products, and house cleaning supplies for mothers and children in need. 

“The women who come to Magdalena House have experienced devastating physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, resulting in complex traumatic responses, yet they come with the commitment and passion to overcome these experiences,” said Denise Barker, founder and executive director for Magdalena House. “These women invest in the tough work of changing their lives.”

Magdalena House, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is a neighborhood of transitional homes that function as long-term shelters for mothers and children who have escaped abusive and dangerous situations.

“This donation will help Magdalena House provide the essentials so many of us take for granted," said Greg Stroud, Magdalena House board member and senior vice president, chief marketing officer for Security Service Federal Credit Union. “By helping the victims of domestic abuse, they are not only giving them hope, but they are changing lives for generations to come.”  

The mission of Magdalena House is to provide transformational change for its residents through the provision of safe housing, education, nurturing community, and programming for psycho-social-emotional wellbeing. To achieve this goal, adult residents are encouraged to participate in accredited education opportunities such as ESL, GED, and college. Both mother and child participate in dual-generation programming including parental coaching, life enrichment classes, counseling, and more. 

The Security Service Charitable Foundation helps further Security Service Federal Credit Union’s corporate goal of community service by contributing to deserving organizations and causes in the credit union's market areas.